Hasbro Fortnite Victory Royale Series Master List

Here’s our checklist for the Hasbro Fortnite Victory Royale Six-Inch line. This list will include officially announced and solicited figures as well as include the details on their release dates and their accessories.

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PictureCharacter/ItemAccessoriesRelease DatePurchase
Hasbro Fortnite TNTinaTNTina (DLX)Harvesting Tool: None
Back Bling: Kabag!
Glider: Wild Blast
Glider Stand
TBD 2022N/A
Hasbro Fortnite Deo and SionaDeo
Siona (DLX)
Harvesting Tool: Shooting Starstaff (Deo)
Harvesting Tool: Vizion Strikers (Siona)
Back Bling: Lunar Sim (Deo)
Back Bling: Mini Moon (Siona)
Helmet (Deo)
Helmet (Siona)
Assault Rifle
TBD 2022N/A
Hasbro Fortnite RagsyRagsyHarvesting Tool: Snack Attackers
Back Bling: Heartless
Tactical Shotgun
TBD 2022N/A
Hasbro Fortnite Metal MouthMetal MouthHarvesting Tool: Spiked Mace x2
Back Bling: Catalyst
Heavy Sniper Rifle
TBD 2022N/A
Hasbro Fortnite Funk OpsFunk OpsHarvesting Tool: Disco Brawl
Back Bling: Boom Box
Boogie Bomb
TBD 2022N/A
Hasbro Fortnite BushrangerBushrangerHarvesting Tool: Honey Hitters
Back Bling: Buzzy Bag
Infantry Rifle
TBD 2022N/A
Hasbro Fortnite The ScientistThe ScientistHarvesting Tool: None
Back Bling: Star Surge
Face Plates x6
Tactical Shotgun
May 2022Ent Earth
Hasbro Fortnite The FoundationThe Foundation
(Zero Crisis Edition)
Harvesting Tool: None
Back Bling: Cape
‘Brella Glider
April 2022Hasbro Pulse
Hasbro Fortnite Snake EyesSnake Eyes
(Zero Point Edition)
Harvesting Tool: Katana
Back Bling: Katana w/ Sheath
Harpoon Launcher
Boogie Bomb
Boogie Bomb Bandelier
Chiller Grenade
Submachine Gun
Shockwave Launcher
Alternate Hand
January 2022Hasbro Pulse
Hasbro Fortnite JulesJules (DLX)Harvesting Tool: Wrenchers x3
Back Bling: Ohm
Ohm Glider
Welder Mask
December 2021Amazon
Hasbro Fortnite RippleyRippleyHarvesting Tool: Sludgehammer
Back Bling: Containment Pack
Pump Shotgun
October 2021Amazon
Hasbro Fortnite Midas RexMidas RexHarvesting Tool: Kingmaker
Back Bling: Midas Crest
October 2021Amazon
Hasbro Fortnite LynxLynxHarvesting Tool: Scratchmark
Back Bling: Stitches
Compact Submachine Gun
October 2021Amazon
Hasbro Fortnite Chaos AgentChaos AgentHarvesting Tool: Chaos Scythe
Back Bling: Ooze Chamber
Submachine Gun
October 2021Amazon
Hasbro Fortnite Shadow MeowsclesShadow Meowscles (DLX)Harvesting Tool: Solid Scratch x2
Back Bling: Feline Fun
Peow Peow Rifle
Dual Pistols
Fists x2
Weight Bench
October 2021Amazon
Hasbro Fortnite SkyeSkye (DLX)Harvesting Tool: Swords of Wonder x2
Back Bling: Adventure Pack
Ollie Glider
October 2021Amazon
Hasbro Fortnite Upgrade SharkUpgrade SharkBack Bling: Shrimpy
Fishing Rod
Water Ski x2
Shield Potion
Pump Shotgun
October 2021Amazon
Hasbro Fortnite Arcade PurpleArcade (Purple)Purple Arcade Cabinet
Slurp Juice
Tactical Submachine Gun
Scoped Assault Rifle
October 2021Amazon
Hasbro Fortnite Arcade OrangeArcade (Orange)Orange Arcade Cabinet
Boogey Bomb
Sniper Rifle
October 2021Amazon