Jazwares Fortnite 2-Inch Flush Factory

Jazwares: Fortnite 2-Inch Line Flush Factory First Look

In case you missed it, when Jazwares renewed their licensing agreement with Epic Games for their Fortnite toy lines, there were some changes made to what product lines they would be offering. Jazwares’ six-inch Legendary Series and 12-inch Victory Series collections would be ending as Hasbro would be taking over six-inch and up. Instead, Jazwares would continue their Fortnite four-inch line as well as starting a new two-inch series. It looks like we finally have our first look at this new playset-focused, world-building line now.

I don’t think that Jazwares has a collection name for this new scale, so until then, we’ll just call it the Fortnite Two-Inch Line (creative, I know). Our first offering is the Flush Factory which includes the old favorite Skull Trooper skin. Sure enough, these two-inch figures are fully articulated which is kind of a step forward from the now-ended Moose Toys small scale collection. The accessories build up the environment and include a handful of “Action Zones” where the toys can interact with the environment.

My best guess is that these are slated to hit shelves in early 2022. However, it’s possible since we are already seeing production samples abroad that may be sooner.