Hasbro Fortnite PulseCon 2021 Reveals

Hasbro: PulseCon 2021 Fortnite Victory Royale Series Reveals

Sure enough, Hasbro brought it with the Fortnite Victory Royale series reveals at their PulseCon 2021 virtual event. We got looks at the entire lineup of the second series of Hasbro’s six-inch line as well as another member of The Seven: The Scientist. There were also a few other goodies that were shown but not acknowledged so let’s get right into it.

Gliders: Llamacorn Express and Downshift

What is interesting is that when the Fortnite team at Hasbro went to demo the gliders they pulled out a third one that hadn’t been shown, Wild Blast. Furthermore, the two characters riding the glider were TNTina and Siona. Both characters had been unannounced and were never actually acknowledged by name at the panel. TNTina had previously been found in the Walmart system as a deluxe release, my assumption is that she is one of the deluxe releases for the second wave. Siona was a surprise. You can also see her with her dome attached at the top of the display during the panel.

Hasbro Fortnite Victory Royal Series Wave 2: Ragsy, Funk Ops, Bushranger, and Metal Mouth.

Wave 2 of Hasbro’s Fortnite line looks just as strong as the first. Hasbro really seems to want to do characters that have not been committed to plastic before. So while they could have gone with a Cuddle Team Leader who has the opportunity for a lot of reuse, instead they did Ragsy who is so unique you probably aren’t going to get much more out of that sculpt. Bushranger is my pick for the best reveal here, it’s just such a unique character design and they knocked that sculpt out of the park. This wave is expected to hit early 2022.

The Seven: The Scientist.

And finally, we have The Scientist who will join The Foundation as the second member of The Seven in the Hasbro line. So far in the game, four members of The Seven have been revealed: The Visitor, The Scientist, Paradigm, and The Foundation. We’re only two figures away from being current on this faction! The Scientist will have LED light features in his head with swappable face masks for his different expressions. This is also the first figure that both Jazwares and Hasbro will have done at this scale.

The Scientist is also up for preorder now and unlike The Foundation he’s a general release, so I have a few affiliate links here to places you can preorder:

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