Hasbro: Fortnite Victory Royale Series 6" Deluxe and Arcade Listings

Hasbro: Fortnite Victory Royale Series 6″ Deluxe and Arcade Listings

I’m still not really sure what the plan is for the official release and preorder of the Hasbro Fortnite Victory Royale series, but they seem to be slowly drip-feeding us Amazon preorders. Series one, which contains Rippley, Midas Rex, Lynx, and Chaos Agent, has experienced sporadic but small preorder windows in the last month. Now the first two deluxe releases (Shadow Meowscles and Skye), as well as two arcade accessory sets, shortly went up for preorder today. I’ll go ahead and link you all the new listings which also give us a good look at the final, non-render, figures as well as the packaging:

As of now all of these figures have a ship date of October 1st. If it holds up we’re going to start seeing Hasbro’s line in hand really soon. Check out the pictures below of the new product:

If you ever need to find some Amazon Fortnite toy listings I keep an archive on my Amazon Influencer Store, stuff isn’t always in stock but it’s a good way to check them all from time to time.

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