Jazwares: Agent Room 4" Shadow and Ghost Meowscles First Look

Jazwares: Agent Room 4″ Shadow and Ghost Meowscles First Look

We finally get our first look at the Jazwares Fortnite 4″ Meowscles Agent Room set which includes both the Shadow and Ghost versions of the character. This is also our first look at Meowscles at the four-inch scale at all. I was sent some pictures from a factory sample, we can see both Meowscles and their included weapons but no Agent Room at this time.

The Agent Room with Meowscles has had a listing on Amazon for quite some time, but the listing still hasn’t gone live while most of the others have. Hopefully with these samples hitting another batch of four-inch figures are inbound. Check out the pics below:

5 thoughts on “Jazwares: Agent Room 4″ Shadow and Ghost Meowscles First Look”

  1. Please make this available in the UK by Christmas. My son LOVES shadow meowscles. He literally sleeps with a photo of him next to his bed so he can dream of being him. He would love this. There’s isn’t enough shadow meowscles stuff out there.

  2. I’m a UK father of 3 that has searched high and low for most of the solo mode creations since the beginning.
    We never get the choice of gliders with the characters.
    I see walmart has them but we can’t get them to ship out to the UK.
    It’s really sad that the only options we get is greedy private sellers, doubling or tripling what they should be priced….for kids everywhere this has to change. Christ! Make absolutely thousands more for us over here… or open a shop here.. I mean a proper one..with all the choice.

    1. Mr Gareth A Powell

      I’m also on about all the Agents sets like this meowscles one. All my kids want them but ebay would cost me $176 last time I checked. Shocking Import/shipping tax, stupid high postage and a greedy seller.

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