McFarlane Toys: Fortnite 7" Deluxe Bone Peely Coming This October

McFarlane Toys: Fortnite 7″ Deluxe Bone Peely Coming This October

Well, I suppose McFarlane Toys still has a little Fortnite left to give us. A preorder listing went up at CmdStore for McFarlane Toys 7″ Deluxe Bone Peely with an expected release of October 2021. If the title image for this article didn’t clue you in, Bone Peely is from the Fortnightmares event and he’s half Peely and half skeleton. It’s a design I never expected to become a toy because the logistics of the skeleton half seem so complex. I suppose that might be why this is placed at a deluxe price point.

Whatever the case may be, it’s exciting that we will be getting such a unique figure for our Fortnite collections. The Toddfather provides!

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