Hasbro: Fortnite Victory Royale Series 6" The Foundation: Zero Crisis Edition Revealed

Hasbro: Fortnite Victory Royale Series 6″ The Foundation: Zero Crisis Edition Revealed

Here it is! The first non-crossover Fortnite figure from Hasbro has been announced and put up for preorder: The Foundation. The Foundation is listed up for preorder at Hasbro Pulse as a special “Zero Crisis Edition” and part of the six-inch Victory Royale Series that is expected to start hitting stores either this Fall or in early 2022 (there have been varying statements made on the timing of the line between different press releases).

From the listing description and provided renders The Foundation will include the picture umbrella glider and cape back bling. The Foundation skin hasn’t been made available in game yet, so I’d assume they will likely package them in game as well.

Looks like it’s about time to start that Hasbro Fortnite action figure line checklist before it gets too unruly. The Foundation (and Snake Eyes) are just the start. We can expect to hear more about the line at Hasbro Pulse Fest on April 9th, 2021. Stay tuned!

Also if you want him, don’t forget to put in that preorder at Hasbro Pulse. Snake Eyes sold out quick.

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