Review #5: Jazwares Fortnite Legendary Series 6" Doggo

Review #5: Jazwares Fortnite Legendary Series 6″ Doggo

I don’t do reviews very often, it just isn’t my thing anymore. I love taking a picture or two of a new toy to post to Instagram, but that seems to be the extent of my “reviewing” career these days. However, Doggo puts me back in that place I was years ago. I’m going to come right out and say that this figure is fantastic, maybe even the best figure of the year, so I really wanted to put a review out for him. I’m gonna pump out a late-night review like it’s the old days! I’ll probably regret it tomorrow, after all, I just celebrated my 83rd birthday a week ago, I need that sleep in my old age. I’m sorry. Screw it, lets look at Doggo.

Apologies, you aren’t going to get an in box look at Doggo from me. Life’s too short. I need to open these action figures as soon as possible and do not have time to set up lighting when I could be messing around with his FOUR alternate face portraits! For your information there are no teases on the pack of his box. Doggo appears to be shipping with P-1000 who is the only new figure listed on the packaging’s cross-sell.

If you don’t understand the appeal of a pug in a hoodie sometimes brandishing a shotgun, well then I’d probably just suggest checking out now. There are a ton of Fortnite characters that I immediately want in action figure form once added to the game, but it’s safe to say Doggo was in the upper echelon of “need” that figure. Thankfully Jazwares did provide, and rather quickly!

Accessories. You can’t beat the four face options that Jazwares included here. There is no fair way for me to decide on my favorite face because they are all great! More than likely I just need to buy three more Doggos and make a nice little pack. You can tell they really had some fun putting this figure together, the face options are too fun. In addition to the faces, he also has the “Chow Down” back bling, “Chew Toy” harvesting tool, pump shotgun, and minigun.

If you end up not wanting to use the Chow Down as back bling, you could always cut off the peg to use it as a dog bowl!

Sculpt and paint. First off, I’ve mentioned before that Jazwares has probably found the best implementation of how to design a toy of a character wearing a hood, stick the hood to the top of the head and make it a separate part from the torso. It’s fairly simple-sounding but its also extremely effective. Doggo’s hood sits on his head completely natural and still allows totally free head movement. An overlay is used for the torso section of the sweatshirt, and it’s the one area where they slightly veer off-model due to the bulk. I’m willing to forgive it however because the overlay allows the torso, shoulders, and neck all to move freely. I’d happily sacrifice the very slight screen accuracy for greater articulation range. The paint looks great, they did a good job recreating his sweatshirt.

As an aside, I’m only thinking about this because the AEW line is doing it, but it would have been cool if they had found a way to allow Doggo to stick his hands into his hoodie pocket.

Articulated hands. I think just about everyone has said their piece on the subject. At this point, we are 30+ figures deep into this line and the hand style is just a part of it, good or bad. I have a bit of philosophy to collecting in that no line is going to be perfect. When deciding if I’m going to continue collecting a line or not I’ll look over the pros and cons, and if there is something I feel I won’t be able to live with long-term I’ll just move on. I’ve done it with Storm Collectibles whereas I just didn’t enjoy the way that the figures are built. I’ve accepted that the hand designs on Jazwares Fortnite figures are going to be the way they are, and by me continuing to collect them means I may not necessarily love it but I’m cool with it. Every figure is most likely going to have them, and it would be silly and redundant for me to point it out every time.

So the long and short here is that Doggo is just about as perfect a toy as you are going to get. If you are going to buy just one Fortnite toy, I’d get this one. He goes in and out of stock at Amazon so keep an eye on the listing, at least until he starts showing up in physical stores.

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