Jazwares: Fortnite 4", 6", and 12" New Release Rundown

Jazwares: Fortnite 4″, 6″, and 12″ New Release Rundown

A lot of new Jazwares Fortnite stuff has hit in the last week so I figured I’d put together a full rundown of all the new stuff in one easy post. This will include both things that have been available to order and stuff that has just been discovered. It’s a lot and we are kind of at the whim of online retail so things may go in and out of stock, but rest assured this stuff will be plentiful in the months to come.

I’ll add pictures and more links as I find them, but I wanted to get this out before too long.

Jazwares 4″ Fortnite:

  • Solo Mode Bone Wasp
  • Solo Mode Yond3r
  • Amazon Exclusive Yond3r with Glow Rider Glider Bundle (Amazon)
  • Solo Mode Midfield Maestro
  • Amazon Exclusive Midfield Maestro with Supply Drop C Bundle (Amazon)
  • Solo Mode Tempest
  • Amazon Exclusive Tempest with Discovery Glider Bundle (Amazon)
  • Turbo Builder Set with Fable and Dire (Amazon)
  • Hot Drop Ultima Knight (Amazon)
  • ATK Stinger Wrap with Copper Wasp (Amazon)
  • Chapter One 10-Pack with Jonesy, Black Knight, Rust Lord, The Visitor, Ice King, Eternal Voyager, Drift, DJ Yonder, Peely, and Rox (Amazon)
  • The Baller with Hybrid Stage 2 (Target)
  • Transforming Driftboard with Ripe Peely (Target)
  • Battle Bus Vehicle with Recruit Jonesy (Target)
  • Amazon Exclusive Battle Bus Vehicle with Recruit Jonesy and Tomatohead (Amazon)
  • Vending Machine with Fallen Love Ranger
  • Jumbo Vending Machine with Ruin and 8-Ball (Target)
  • Squad Mode Big Foot, King Flamingo, Elite Agent, and Prickly Patroller (Target)
  • Party Pack Peely, Longshot, Yond3r (Spectrum), Ruckus, and Toxic Trooper (Target)

Jazwares 6″ Fortnite Legendary Series:

  • X-Lord Scavenger Skin (Amazon)
  • Eternal Voyager (Amazon)
  • Drift (Amazon)
  • Fishstick (Amazon)
  • Doggo (Preorder on Amazon)
  • P-1000 (Preorder on Amazon)

Jazwares 12″ Fortnite Victory Series:

  • Eternal Voyager
  • Fishstick
  • Raven
  • Wildcard
  • Battle Hound
  • Raptor

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