Jazwares: Fortnite 6" Legendary Series Summer 2020 Wave Revealed

Jazwares: Fortnite 6″ Legendary Series Summer 2020 Wave Revealed

The leaks are starting to come in fast and furious now, it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing product in our hands again. The next Jazwares Fortnite 6″ Legendary Series wave to release for Summer 2020 has been revealed via that old handy Amazon leak again! Fishstick’s description has been updated to not only list his accessories but also spill the beans on who he ships with: X-Lord, Eternal Voyager, and Drift.

All four of these characters were revealed at Toy Fair. So between Amazon leaks and what was on display at the show Frozen Raven, Ghoul Trooper, P-1000, Doggo, and Battle Hound are still left outstanding. Check out the listing description under Fishstick and my little mockup of his accessory loadout.

Level up with the Fortnite Legendary Series Figure Pack! These 6-inch articulated action figures have incredible details and feature premium loadouts. The 6-inch scale is perfect for Fortnite in real life, fitted with a harvesting tool, weapons, back bling, and consumables. The assortment features Drift, Eternal Voyager, X-Lord, and Fishstick. Collect them all!

The Fishstick 6-inch action figure features interchangeable faces, 36+ points of articulation, and highly detailed decoration inspired by one of the most popular outfits from Epic Games’ Fortnite.

Fishstick is equipped with the Bootstraps harvesting tool, Saltwater Satchel back bling, a Fishing Rod and Drum Shotgun, and Infantry Rifle weapons.

Recreate your favorite emotes with interchangeable faces, and premium loadout.

Official Licensed Product.

More outfits are dropping soon.

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