Jazwares: Fortnite 4" Target Exclusive Party Pack 5-Pack Revealed

Jazwares: Fortnite 4″ Target Exclusive Party Pack 5-Pack Revealed

Target gets their own exclusive 4″ Jazwares Fortnite set amongst everything else hitting stores right now. Similar to their previous exclusive, this set has 2 new figures via repaint 3 reissues. The new figures are Yellow Toxic Trooper and Yond3r’s Spectrum Skin. A different deco for Yond3r is also out there as a Solo Mode release, and I believe yet another will be packed with a new drone. Yond3r fans your ship has arrived! The remaining figures are Peely, Ruckus, and Longshot. Another Peely is always welcome and helps take the sting off of the box set a bit.

Also, this set is the first to include “grass” building materials. Hopefully we see them again soon!

The MSRP for this set is $49.99 and it is currently available to be shipped directly from Target. Its DPCI is 087-16-8729 in case you want to track one down in store. Check out this in hand, boxed picture provided by @shesfantasticmadeofplastic on Instagram:

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