Review #4: Jazwares Fortnite Legendary Loadout Set B 6" Scale Weapons Pack

Review #4: Jazwares Fortnite Legendary Loadout Set B 6″ Scale Weapons Pack

One of the neat reveals to come out of Toy Fair back in February was that Jazwares was making accessory sets for their 6″ Legendary Series Fortnite line. The ‘Legendary Loadout’ gun packs each come with four different weapons that are either larger-sized or incorporate action features. There are two sets, so a total of eight new guns between them. Set A includes a minigun, light machine gun, guided missile launcher, and pump shotgun while Set B has the Flint-Knock Pistol, crossbow, double-barrel shotgun, and Grappler.

While I was certainly excited about these, it does not appear that United States retail shared the same enthusiasm. Rumor on the streets is that these didn’t really “wow” US buyers so it’s possible that the stock that hit the UK may be all we ever see of these sets. I scrambled to find what I could, and paid quite a premium (the sets are only $10 each, but shipping is killer right now) just to get the last few sets off the only retailer I could find that would ship them to me. Thankfully a buddy of mine is hooking me up with Set A in the near future, so I can do a review on that whenever it gets here.

Of course, there is no official confirmation either way on whether these sets will show up at US retail in the future. However, I’d say if you are a Fortnite completist and need these it may be worth tracking them down sooner than later. I rarely even see them on eBay UK.

All that aside, lets take a look at what you get.

Double Barrel Shotgun

This is my favorite of the set because everything just works. It has a great paint job, the gun fits in most of the character’s hands perfectly, and the opening and closing barrel is fantastic. Shotguns always make great accessories, they just look cool. The Ripe Wrap paint job is very sharp.

Flint-Knock Pistol

The Flint-Knock’s action feature is fairly simple, the hammer just moves back and forth. Where this accessory really shines is the beautiful Hot & Cold wrap and highly detailed sculpt. It also helps that it’s another weapon that is very easy for the figures to hold. The gun is cast in red plastic but they hit the end of the barrel with blue paint and let it just fade back into the original color of the plastic, it’s a really pretty effect.


Because of everything going on inside the weapon, it is a bit big. However, comically large weapons fit the Fortnite aesthetic just fine so I can accept this. Unfortunately, not having a trigger loop to wrap around the pointer finger makes it more difficult for those articulated hands to grip. For a gun with an action feature, it’s amazingly on model to the actual gun in the game.


And finally, the crossbow. It fires its arrow, which looks like a missile that an X-Wing would fire, but toys have safety guidelines they have to adhere to so I get it. This is another case where the trigger is used for the action feature, so it can be a little tricky to get the toy to grip it. I’m a fan of the size of the weapon because it is very imposing looking when you get it into a figure’s hands. The firing mechanism is lost on me, but my kids seem to like it quite a bit. They are trying their hardest to lose the arrow, thankfully they can’t do the same with the Grappler since the suction cup is attached to the gun.

All in all this is a solid set. The guns are well made and the weapon wraps add some nice variety and color to the Jazwares 6″ Fortnite Legendary Series display. At $10 a pop for four large guns this would have been a great thing to pick up at a GameStop or some place similar, like the ammo boxes or treasure chests for the 4″ line. Unfortunately, GameStop stores haven’t even reopened here yet, and of course they probably don’t have these anyway.

As I mentioned previously, I imported them and the shipping price stung. I just wanted to be sure I got a set. I do hope Jazwares gets these to collector’s in the United States. If you want these Legendary Loadout sets it’s probably best to let them know either by email or their social media platforms.

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