Jazwares: A Look at the UK "Exclusive" Fortnite Figures

Jazwares: A Look at the UK “Exclusive” Fortnite Figures

I’d have to assume that a lot of the Jazwares Fortnite action figure collectors in the United States may not even know this, but other countries have gotten a few unique releases in the past year or so. Most of the time this just involves changing around what characters come in what pack, but sometimes it’s more. My intention here is simply to bring to light some of these lesser-known sets, and if you are the type to go all-in on an action figure line, then maybe then you’d want to track these down for yourself.

The most prominent example is the second Squad Mode four-pack:

In the United States we got Trog, Moisty Merman, Omen, and Ravage. The international version also included Trog and Moisty Merman, but introduced Mission Specialist and Highrise Assault Trooper. Mission Specialist eventually received his own release later on as part of the Expedition Outpost builder set. This set also includes his back bling, which was not part of the UK Squad Mode box set. As of this publication, Highrise Assault Trooper has not gotten a release outside of this pack anywhere, and the prospects of it happening doesn’t seem all that promising.

Of course I sit here worrying about us Americans not getting Highrise Assault Trooper, but other parts of the world missed out on Omen and Ravage!

Next up is the first Turbo Builder Set:

As you can see, the US got Jonesy and Raven while the UK got Jonesy and Ragnarok. This wasn’t as big a deal because both Raven and Ragnarok got single carded releases down the line. Ragnarok was also part of the first wave’s Squad Mode set (Rex, Cuddle Team Leader, Brite Bomber, and Ragnarok), but I’m not positive if that one got international distribution or not.

It’s also worth noting that the US set did not actually include Raven’s proper harvesting tool. The AC/DC was included in place of the Iron Beak. The Raven Solo Mode release would later correct this (of course, you could have also taken it from Ravage).

I find these packs interesting in that they are clearly changed around with the intention to sell better in whatever corner of the world they are being offered. What is it about Ragnarok that might appeal more than Raven? Plus it’s a fun item to have to track down if you are into oddball variations. Me personally, I love default skin variations, so no matter the cost I had to track down a Highrise Assault Trooper.

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