Fortnite Action Figure Deals of the Week May 10th - 16th

Fortnite Action Figure Deals of the Week May 10th – 16th

I post a lot of action figure deals over on my twitter account (so feel free to give it a follow), but I figured since there are a good amount of discounted Fortnite toys out there I would try to make a weekly column where I highlight some of the best. Naturally, some of these will be affiliate links that help support the site, and it’s the internet so prices could change at any given time.


The real standout this week is that 4″ Late Game Survival Kit being down to less than $16, as it usually retails for $49.99. Also, Legendary 6″ Peely being in stock, firstly, and discounted is a nice surprise!

McFarlane Toys

A lot of McFarlane has dropped under $15 in the last few weeks, could this be a sign of things I mentioned previously? Hope not but the silence has certainly been deafening. At least Jazwares let us know that 4″ stuff is en route to stores now.

Also I’ve noticed an uptick on the price of the first 2 waves of McFarlane 7″ Fortnite toys. Black Knight has been hovering well above retail for a while now, and everything prior is starting to spike up after being on deep discount for a while. Those figures could be drying up, so if you are waiting on them it may be smart to act sooner than later.

Moose Toys

That solo six-pack is a hell of a deal since those guys generally go for $5 each. The X-4 Plane is a great price right now and worth picking up with the Sgt. Winter four-pack due to hit stores soon (you can finally recreate the loading screen!).

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