Jazwares: Fortnite Legendary Series 6" Amazon Leaks

Jazwares: Fortnite Legendary Series 6″ Amazon Leaks

I figured that with Toy Fair 2020 in the rearview mirror and toy news, in general, being pretty slow, now would be a great time to revisit some Amazon placeholder listings. A whole bunch of these temporary listings were uploaded to Amazon and then quickly made unsearchable. Thankfully, the Fortnite toy community was able to catch these before they disappeared.

Let’s take a look at the 6″ Legendary series leaks:

All five of these listing are still up and occasionally made available for preorder, so bookmark away! The estimated ship date was listed as July 2020, which seems like a reasonable timeframe for the next Legendary Series wave to hit. I’m kind of hoping that something might hit a little sooner, but these are strange times.

So what do we know about these five? Ghoul Trooper and Fishstick were on display at Toy Fair. Fishstick comes with a fishing rod and three facial expressions. Fishstick also looked pretty far along in the process, so I’m gonna hedge my bets that we’ll be seeing him sooner than later. Ghoul Trooper seemed to be a little earlier in the prototype phase, she still looks great and another female is a welcome addition to the 6-inch line.

Doggo, he’s one of my favorites. He wasn’t on display so I couldn’t see him, but the Jazwares Fortnite team did say they had a lot of fun choosing the faces for this release. The image above isn’t an indication of what will come with the final product, but instead a few options from the in-game model.

I’m still kind of shocked that P-1000 is happening, and so soon! I’m really interested to see how they pull this one-off, it’s such an oddly shaped and off-model character. Hopefully, the Peely milkshake that makes up the head can be removed, then I can give it to Bunker Jonesy if we ever get one of those in 6-inch.

Battle Hound is a good choice for what I’d assume is an easy variant. Molten Battle Hound is superb, and the 4-inch Solo Hound is a great, possibly overlooked, toy.

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