Figure of the Day #3: Jazwares 6″ Max Level Ragnarok

Figure of the Day #3: Jazwares 6″ Max Level Ragnarok

I’d done a quick look at Jazwares Fortnite 6-inch Max Level Ragnarok for Preternia back about a month ago, but I felt underwhelmed by the effort. I figure since toy news has generally been slow this would be a great time to get a more detailed look at all the different stages you can put him in. So I took this opportunity to slowely undress him in the gallery below.

Ragnarok is a really solid figure and a huge step forward from the first Max Level figure, Omega. I wouldn’t balk at the higher MSRP because there is so much customizable potential with his various armor bits. And the best part is that he legitimately looks great in any combination of them. Check out the gallery below!

Company: Jazwares
Scale: 6-inch
MSRP: $29.99
Release year: 2020
Purchase: Amazon

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