Toy Fair 2020: Jazwares Fortnite Showroom Rundown

Toy Fair 2020: Jazwares Fortnite Showroom Rundown

No pictures allowed, but I’m free to talk about it! Jazwares had a room FULL of new Fortnite action figures at New York Toy Fair 2020. Since no photography was allowed, I’m going to try and go by memory (why didn’t I bring a notebook to jot this all down?) and give you the best account of what you have to look forward to in 2020 for Jazwares various Fortnite action figure lines.

12″ Victory Collection

There were only two reveals at this scale, and while it wasn’t a lot they were some great skin choices. Fishstick (my personal favorite) will be a single carded and there was a two-pack of Raven and Eternal Voyager. Just a heads up, we see Eternal Voyager at every scale.

6″ Legendary Collection

There was a lot here! More than I even expected. Prior to my appointment with Jazwares, there were some placeholder Amazon listings that briefly showed up and were sniffed out. Since I just want to address what was actually at the show I’ll leave them out but if you want to see what they were, check my Instagram post here. Here’s who they had on display:

  • Ruin
  • Sentinel
  • Beef Boss
  • Fishstick
  • Eternal Voyager (Blue Flaming Skull head)
  • Galaxy
  • Drift (Level 5)
  • X-Lord (Scavenger Version with red highlights)
  • Frozen Raven
  • Ghoul Trooper

It appears as though Galaxy, Ruin, Sentinel, and Beef Boss will make up the next wave of 6″ figures to hit stores. Jazwares had carded production samples on hand. I peeked the back of the box and the cross-sell involved those four along with, I believe, Raven and another refresh figure.

I was told that they are trying to get into a rhythm where the 6″ and 4″ lines take turns releasing throughout the year.

4″ Collection

Fair warning, there was a ton of 4″ Fortnite product out and I probably won’t remember or might slightly misremember some of it. But a good rule of thumb is I’m almost 100% sure I remember if I’m posting it (also consider that things can change before they hit production or retail). I’ve gotten official imagery for the Battle Bus and Chapter 1 Collection box set, so feel free to click those links for more info on them. Here goes nothing:

  • Battle Bus Deluxe Vehicle with New Recruit Jonesy
  • The Baller RC Vehicle with Hybrid Stage 2
  • ATK (New Deco) RC Vehicle with Copper Wasp
  • Equalizer Glider Drone with DJ Yonder (New Deco)
  • Hoverboard with Peely (Possibly New Deco, the one on display wasn’t)
  • Builder Set with Fable and Dire
  • Jumbo Dark Llama with 8-Ball, Scratch, and Kevin
  • Vending Machine with X-Lord
  • Vending Machine with Fallen Love Ranger
  • Early Game Survival Kit with Ultima Knight (Gold Version)
  • Squad Mode with Bigfoot, Prickly Patroller, TBD, and TBD (One of them may have been Wooly Warrior but I’m not 100% sure of that)
  • Solo Mode Hopper
  • Solo Mode Master Key
  • Solo Mode Spider Knight
  • Male Sweaty Soccer
  • Bone Wasp

Other things worth noting:

  • This year’s Treasure Chest/Ammo Box will be the blue Supply Drop Box.
    • Weapons in the drop boxes will be see-through, to mimic the way they look before you pick them up in-game.
  • The Fable/Dire builder set will include the adaptors we first saw in the Expedition Outpost that allow you to build in any direction.
  • I did not see the Squad Mode Wildcard Gang 4-Pack but was told it is an Amazon Exclusive and should be hitting soonish.
  • Early Game Survival Kit MSRP may change to $14.99 instead of $19.99. The plan is to drop the building part and add more guns, also a cardboard backing instead of the current clamshell. What was on display was a very early mock-up of Ultima Knight under this model.
  • Also, Solo Mode may see a drop in MSRP as well. Blister carded without the building piece to get them under $10 MSRP I believe. I saw a Battle Hound carded this way, it just includes the harvesting tool.

And that’s what we got coming up! Huge thanks to Mike DeCamp and the Jazwares Fortnite team for allowing me to sit there and take in all of the awesome toys they have coming our way for 2020!

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