Toy Fair 2020: Jazwares Fortnite 4" Scale Battle Bus Revealed

Toy Fair 2020: Jazwares Fortnite 4″ Scale Battle Bus Revealed

I have no doubts that Jazwares is going to make Fortnite collectors very happy this year! The infamous Battle Bus has been revealed as a vehicle that will be to scale with their 4″ action figure line. I was able to get a first-hand look at the bus this weekend and am happy to report that it’s a BEAST! The bus can fit up to ten 4″ figures inside and (if my memory serves me correctly) also comes with a figure. Apologies as I do not recall who it was.

It looks as though MSRP on the bus will be $49.99, and from early Amazon listing leaks, it is possible we could see it this Summer. More info as we get it!

Check out the official word and preview shot from Jazwares’ press release

Deluxe Battle Bus ($49.99)
Every Fortnite game starts with players traveling through the air with the help of a giant hot air balloon powered bus before being dropped into the game. With Jazwares Deluxe Battle Bus, choose where you’re droppin’! The interior of the bus was finally revealed for the first time in the newest Fortnite season trailer (Chapter 2). This deluxe Battle Bus is the only product revealing the inside of the bus! Inflatable oversize balloon, lights, sounds and details from the game for fans to recreate their favorite in-game moments! Don’t forget to thank the bus driver!

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