Jazwares: Fortnite 6" Legendary Loadout Accessory Packs Found at UK Retail

Jazwares: Fortnite 6″ Legendary Loadout Accessory Packs Found at UK Retail

Accessory packs for your Jazwares 6″ Legendary Collection figures are coming! Mephitsu posted on their Action Figure News and Reviews site that they ran into the new accessory packs at Smyths in the UK. I believe the retail in the US for these sets will be $9.99 and each set includes 4 weapons that maybe wouldn’t cost into a normal figure pack. For instance, I believe the Grappler actually has a functioning string attached to the suction cup.

From Mephitsu’s report it appears that there are two sets:

  • Legendary Loadout Set 1: Guided Missile Launcher, Minigun, Pump Shotgun, and Light Machine Gun.
  • Legendary Loadout Set 2: Flint-Knock Pistol, Crossbow, Double Barrel Shotgun, and Grappler.

If these are showing up at Smyths, it won’t be long until they likely pop up on Amazon one day. Keep those eyes peeled! Go check out Action Figure News and Reviews by Mephitsu for the full story and additional shots of the Jazwares Legendary Loadout accessory sets.

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